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Established in 2008 SRTTC is a Small Business(SB), identifies and provides usable solutions (Instructional support services, consulting, training, and engineering) to the US Government and its partners. Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center, Inc., (“SRTTC”), a North Carolina corporation, operates and manages the Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center shooting ranges, dedicated to training United States law enforcement and military professionals. This 283 acre facility has five primary ranges, a full complement of instructors, dining facility, the ability to support the most basic to advanced tactics, techniques, procedures, and training requirements. SRTTC holds a Federal Firearms License as a Federal S.O.T. Class 1, 3 & 7 Manufacturer.

About Us

SRTTC professionals are made up of subject matter experts, instructors, and curriculum development specialists combining over 125 years of Special Operations experience. Our training team has developed a train-the-trainer format of how to conduct low-light, Night Vision Goggle (NVG) and laser applications in a shoot house scenario employing CQB tactics, techniques and procedures along with specific special forces courses of instruction, basic, intermediate, and advanced Close Quarter Battle courses, basic and advanced Method of Entry courses, advanced explosives courses, Personnel Qualification Standards, Mission Essential Task List, Standard Operating Procedures and training doctorates supporting the United States Navy, United States Special Operations Command and the United States Coast Guard. Our team’s success is based on the arduous work of our exceptional employees, curriculum developers, and training specialists. As the recognized leader in Close Quarter Battle tactical training, SRTTC is uniquely familiar with the requirements to train and qualify individuals. The SRTTC instructors are experts in all facets of CQB to include how to run a shoot house and are qualified Master Training Specialists.

SRTTC has established and maintained a sterling record of safely providing our facilities to directly support highly trained tactical forces with specialized skills. While the requirements for this effort are clearly articulated and are built on a precedent of success, we strongly believe that our facility and its capabilities set us apart from other companies, enabling us to fulfill your requirements.

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