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Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center serves a wide range of customers, including but not limited to, all components of the U.S. military, international forces, federal and state law enforcement agencies, and others. Most recently SRTTC has polled the local community and regional shooting enthusiasts to ascertain the viability of opening Spartan Ranch to a civilian based "Gun Club".  SRTTC is committed to and capable of supporting DoD, and federal and state missions. We continually research new approaches to improve the facility’s capabilities by creating new ranges and constructing new buildings to better support the requirements of our clients. It is important to us at SRTTC to offer this superior facility and ensure quality training opportunities for you. Training areas include five major live-fire ranges on a total of 283 acres. 

SRTTC professionals are made up of subject matter experts, instructors, and curriculum development specialists combining over 125 years of Special Operations experience. Our training team has developed a train-the-trainer format of how to conduct low-light, Night Vision Goggle (NVG) and laser applications in a shoot house scenario employing CQB tactics, techniques and procedures along with specific special forces courses of instruction, basic, intermediate, and advanced for multiple shooting disciplines and applications. Our team’s success is based on the arduous work of our exceptional employees, curriculum developers, and training specialists. As the recognized leader in Close Quarter Battle tactical training, SRTTC is uniquely familiar with the requirements to train and qualify individuals. The SRTTC instructors are experts in all facets of CQB to include how to run a shoot house and are qualified Master Training Specialists.


With a focus on education and safety, SRTTC provides expert and master training in the following areas:

  • CCW - Concealed Carry Weapons

  • Pistol Training 

    • Basic Operation, Targeting and Maintenance​

    • Advanced Competition Based Mastery

    • Advanced Field Operations for Military and Law Enforcement

  • Carbine Training​

    • Basic Operation, Targeting and Maintenance​

    • Advance Competition Based Mastery

    • Advanced Field Operations for Military and Law Enforcement

  • Long Range Precision Marksman Training​

    • Basic Principles and Doping​

    • Advanced Mastery of Ballistic Calculation

  • CQB - Close Quarter Battle Instruction​

    • Advanced Mastery of CQB tactics in a facility of nearly 10,000 square feet​

    • Course add-ons to include external approach to training area via aircraft and land based vehicles

  • Accommodations - On site buildings capable of sleeping up to 50 members

    • Additional space made available via portable accommodations​

  • Food Services - On site Restaurant and catering with portable capabilities as well​

  • Sanitation Stations - Made available where required

    • Permanent Restrooms at multiple locations with portable facilities made available when required



SRTTC offers training as a product and sells this product under a purchase order or project driven Statement of Work with defined deliverables.  In addition SRTTC offers the following product offerings from time to time, as required:

  • Training Courses - Specific and defined with a limited duration

  • Ammunition - when available and applicable

  • Targets - when available and applicable

  • Eye and Ear Safety Equipment - 

  • Gunsmith Services - to include cleaning and custom firearm maintenance and modification

  • Firearms - SRTTC holds a Federal Firearms License as a Federal S.O.T. Class 1, 3 & 7 Manufacturer.


Firearms Training

  • CCW course work and certification

  • Pistol Training (Basic to Master)

  • Carbine Training (Basic to Master)

  • Long Range Training (Basic to Master)


  • Assessment of  skill level

  • Implementation of proven tactics attained from military, law enforcement, and advanced hunter experience

  • Applied Project Management to facilitate advanced curriculum for operational training

CQB Training

  • Specific instruction for basic, intermediate and advance "Special Forces" course work

  • Method of Entry

  • Master Instructors 

  • Live fire exercise

  • SRTA fire:(Short Range Training Ammunition)


  • Train the Traner Implementation

  • Military/LE principles transferred to civilians where applicable

  • Firearm care and maintenance principles stressed

  • Firearm and operational safety stressed at all time, repeatedly

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